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The 12 Rules of the Gym


The 12 Rules of the Gym

Rule 1: Be gym-kind. Be welcoming and leave judgment at the door

Rule 2: Everyone in the gym is equal! Everyone started somewhere.

Rule 3: Leave your supplement bar at home. We all know you’re huge, you don’t need to impress us by toting around all your products on the gym floor

Rule 4: Get off your phone. If you talk more than using then weights then leave.

Rule 5: If someone has earphones on, it means they’re not here to talk

Rules 6: No Lifting your top up and checking your abs when you think nobody is watching (someone always is)

Rule 7: No matter how bad their form is, unless they are on the verge of injuring themselves, keep it to yourself

Rule 8: If you’re strong enough to put the weigh on and lift it, you’re strong enough to take it off

Rule 9: Check your ego at the door.

Rule 10: Be aware of others waiting for you to move

Rule 11: Warm up before exercise

Rule 12: Work hard. Enjoy

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