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15-Minute Yoga Flow for Stress Relief

Health Tips

You know the feeling: Your email inbox is overflowing, your to-do list is miles long, and you haven’t managed to hit to the gym in days. Trust us, we’ve been there.The result? A super stressed-out you.


While stress begins in the mind (“I need to finish this work presentation in the next hour,” or, “I only have one week to plan my best friend’s surprise party!”), it eventually manifests itself in the body. Think: clenched jaws, shoulder knots, and stiff necks.

15-Minute Yoga Flow for Stress Relief

And since stress takes such a toll on both your mind and body, it’s important to move in ways that intercept your emotional and physical strain.


Luckily, you don’t need to set aside hours to find your center. In fact, just 15 minutes of this calming yoga sequence might be enough to help you de-stress. This simple routine can be done anywhere—all you need is some space to put down your mat.


And as an added bonus, you’ll actually be strengthening and lengthening your muscles while doing the flow. This is one reason why yoga is the ideal activity for days when you’re feeling overwhelmed, says clinical therapist and yoga instructor Lauren Taus.


The mindful practice gets you moving on the mat and focused on the present, so you pay less attention to what’s still on your to-do list.

In this video, Lauren takes you through a calming yoga flow that will help you find your center and slow down. Because who doesn’t want to feel more relaxed in just 15 minutes?



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