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A Nigerian Doctor Claims That Some Diseases Have The Ability To Resist Medication Used In Treating Them

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Mr. Solomon Chollom, a Medical Laboratory Scientist, says anti-microbial resistance is largely responsible for emerging and re-emerging strains of diseases in Nigeria.

Chollom defined antimicrobial resistance as the ability of a microbe to resist the effects of medication previously used in treating them.


He also explained that the issue of resistance by the microbes and bacteria is as a result of genetic mutationand this is because the mutant (the changed in shape microorganism or bacteria responsible for the disease) differs genetically from the original or parent organism.


“When this genetic variation as reflected on the ribosomal RNA does not show more than 70 per cent homology with existing strains of the organisms, the mutant is then identified as an entirely new organism and named as such.


“This phenomenon is responsible for the recent emergence type C strain of meningitis ravaging Nigerians,” he explained.


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