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You should avoid Milk if you belong to this category of People


You should avoid Milk if you belong to this category of People

Milk—or, more specifically, cow’s milk—is indeed a good source of vitamins and minerals. It is not dangerous and also, it is not for everyone. If you belong to the following category of people, you should think of cutting milk out of your diet:

1. You’re lactose intolerant.

A true dairy allergy is relatively rare, but many people are lactose intolerant—meaning that they can’t properly digest the primary sugar (lactose) found in milk. As a result, eating anything with lactose triggers unpleasant GI symptoms like cramps, gas, or diarrhea.

2. You’re not lactose intolerant, but
dairy still upsets your stomach.

Maybe you’ve been tested for lactose intolerance and the test came back negative, but you swear that eating dairy makes your tummy feel lousy. You’re probably not imagining it. Dairy contains proteins such as casein and whey that many people are sensitive to.

3. Milk makes you feel sluggish.

Digestive issues aren’t the only possible signs of an intolerance. Someone who feels bloated, tired, or sluggish after eating dairy might be sensitive to one or more of the components in it.

4. You feel congested when you eat it.

You might have heard that dairy increases mucus production, but there’s really no good research to support that notion. That said, it’s possible that milk makes you phlegmy.

5. You have a higher-than-average risk of prostate cancer.

The link between dairy consumption and several types of cancer is murky. Some studies, for instance, have said that it might raise the risk of breast cancer, whereas others show that it lowers it. (most research seems to conclude that it’s associated with a lower risk of breast cancer.)

6. You just don’t want to eat dairy.

For most healthy adults, the best reason to eat dairy is that you like it. If you’re vegan and don’t wish to consume anything that involves animals, or are concerned about the toll that dairy farming takes on the environment, those are perfectly valid reasons to cut milk from your diet

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