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Your best Anti-Aging Eating Plan


Your best Anti-Aging Eating Plan

What’s the best way to pump up the autophagic process into a group of grind-it-out interns that will work when needed? Strategic eating and variations of intermittent fasting.

This isn’t about specific foods or how much protein, carbs, and fats you eat. It’s simpler than that. This is about when you eat. Or more specifically, when you don’t eat. The more time you spend eating—as in actual hours during the day eating—the less time you spend enjoying the “benefits” of autophagy.

Listen, I’m not the first to suggest this. Far from it. The first time I learned about how to manipulate it came from Brad Pilon, of Eat Stop Eat fame. That’s why intermittent fasting fires up the autophagic process and cleanses your cells.

The upside is that this type of eating still offers you the freedom to still eat the foods you love, and follow the diet of your choice—whether it’s low carb, vegan, or the meat-eaters delight (our personal favorite).

By turning on autophagy you’re going to promote cellular repair, which is going to give you all the benefits you can’t immediately see—but are exactly what you need to help facilitate a healthier internal environment.

More importantly, the cells that keep you looking your age—or younger—will be healthy and refreshed. And your brain should age more efficiently. Research even suggests that you can even fight off diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

It’s not magic and it won’t be anything you can “feel.” But if it’s a strategy that can work within your lifestyle, it might be one of the best health maintenance strategies you can add to your life.

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