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You can get the Flu even in August


You can get the Flu even in August

From the dreaded flu season, we’re just around the corner (technically, in the US, October through May). But as we all understand, when they feel like it, flu-like symptoms (sore throat, cough — you get the edge) can raise literally. But does that mean you can get the flu in August technically… say?

The brief reply? You’re betting. “Yes you can get the flu throughout the year, although it’s much more prevalent in winter and spring during the flu season,” says Vanessa Raabe, MD, NYU Langone Health’s assistant professor of pediatric infectious disease.

Also, the CDC confirms that flu viruses are detected throughout the year, so it can be detected as soon as — er, technically as late as — August. Symptoms of flu include: fever, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, muscle weakness, headaches, and tiredness that can last for three to seven days anywhere. While most healthy people can overcome the disease with rest and let the body fight the virus on its own, it can be dangerous for some groups like the elderly, the immunosuppressed, or those who are very young, the CDC says.

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