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These few changes to your Routine will prevent Muscle Cramps


These few changes to your Routine will prevent Muscle Cramps

Following are the tips that you need when you need to get rid of cramps while running or have them sneak up on you later in the day. A few key changes to your routine could be all it takes.

This tends to be the first thing that most doctors will point to because it’s the easiest thing to resolve. Ensuring that you are taking in enough fluids to stay hydrated is key to keeping muscle supple.

As you get tired, your muscle’s reflex control becomes dysfunctional. Instead of contracting and relaxing like they’re supposed to, they keep firing. Basically, your muscles become “twitchy” and can’t stop contracting.

It’s no surprise that cramps happen towards the end of a race or after you’ve stopped that intense workout due to muscle fatigue. Using compression socks or tights seems to help keep the blood/oxygen flowing to the area to prevent cramps.

Weak Ankles/Feet
If you have week feet or ankles that are forcing your calves to take on a larger workload, then you’re pushing towards that overuse result even faster.

Ensure you have shoes that fit you correctly and that you’re not running on your toes, while that might work for sprinters it leads to pain for distance runners.

Skipping Massage
This goes back to improving muscle flow and releasing tension from an overworked muscle. While you’re having a cramp, attempting to massage the area is painful, but helpful in getting it to subside.

Consistent massages during training can help to ward off lots of injuries by keeping muscles aligned and working to their maximum ability.

Depleted Magnesium
Beyond electrolytes one of the minerals most useful in preventing muscle cramps is magnesium.

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