Garri your popular meal for low-income periods has medicinal benefits. Simply put, Garri cures running stomach.

It is becoming increasingly obvious, that excessive taking of drugs has very bad effects on the body system. Flagyl and the likes are very strong antibiotics that should only be taken in serious situations to cure very deep bacterial infections.

This is because excessive use causes the body to become resistant to them after a while. This can result in serious illness being unable to be cured or taking longer and more stringent methods to be cured.

Today I’m showing you how Garri, the popular Nigerian meal can be used to cure running stomach.

What you will need?

A few spoons of Garri

A cup of Water

How to use?

Put two heaped spoons of Garri into a cup and pour the water into it. Ensure the quantity of Garri is very little in comparison the water. Stir the water well and ensure the Garri settles. Then drink the water.

Repeat this process till you stop stooling.

And viola fewer issues with drugs better treatment. It’s quick, easy, cheap and healthier to use! Garri cures running stomach!

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