Drugs nowadays have become a trend among not only guys but also their female counterparts and it looks like an average man must be taking a particular kind of drug to get them ready for the day. There is mis-judgement as to the belief that drugs make them be pro-active in whatever they do. I am not talking about hard drugs here, but abuse of the approved ones.
The effect of drug abuse is widespread, but not many would know that the use of certain drugs could impair their sexual functionality or even kill their ability to get aroused. Hence, people are advised to consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking any drug, more so that the drug effect is usually a side effect. And the said drugs include the ones men take to boost their performance or treat erectile dysfunction. So, consult a doctor before using any drug.
Other activities that could ruin penis erection are listed below:
Lack of Exercise: Exercise has been found to add great benefits to the body, including increased blood circulation in the body. In fact, exercise has been found to boost libido due to the increased blood flow. On the other hand, inactive or deskbound lifestyle has been found to cause erectile dysfunction. However, people are also advised to be cautious of the kind of exercise they engage in and this is because any form of exercise, like cycling, that puts enormous pressure on the area between the scrotum and anus could affect the nerves and vessels that have links with the joystick, leading to erectile dysfunction.
Smoking: Previous studies have shown that there are many disadvantages of smoking to the body and in this case, it transcends its negative impact on the lungs to include its enormous impact on the functionality of the joystick. Specifically, WebMD pointed out that smoking could harm blood vessels and reduce the flow of blood to the joystick.
Furthermore, it was found that nicotine, one of the substances in tobacco, could make the blood vessels to contract and in the long run, contract the flow of blood to the joystick.
Stress: This factor sounds like a common issue and many people are familiar with the causes and effects. However, stress had also been found to trigger the secretion of adrenaline hormone, which makes the blood vessels to contract. Thus, reducing anxiety, depression and worries helps blood flow considerably.


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