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Funny Methods to Naturally Predict The Gender of Your Unborn Child

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We are not sure if these gender predicting methods that have been practised in India and elsewhere are accurate or live up to their promises, but they generate curiosity among expectant couples and their families. Remember predicting your child’s gender before birth is illegal in India, however, playing a little guessing game with these ancient methods and techniques won’t hurt. But don’t rely on them completely.

#1 Going by the belly: There is an old Indian saying that the shape and size of your belly gives enough cue about your baby’s gender. If your belly seems to be protruding out and looks slightly elongated rather than being round, you might be carrying a boy. On the other hand, if you belly is more round and firm, remains horizontal to your feet and appears huge you might give birth to a baby girl.

#2 Counting fetal kicks: Not just the numbers, but where you feel the kicks is also indicative about the gender of your child. It is believed that if you feel the kicks higher up in your ribs, it is a girl. While kicks felt lower in the abdomen indicate that it’s a boy. Here is all that you need to know about fetal kicks.

#3 Mood swings: A Polish study published in the journal Psychology and Behaviour noted that women who felt sick and felt disgusted about anything and everything during the first two trimesters of their pregnancy were more likely to give birth to male babies as compared to women who felt balanced during the initial days of their pregnancy. Probably this explains why men lack patience over everything! Here are nine ways to stay off stress during pregnancy.

#4 Food aversions: Wonder why some women crave for food during pregnancy and others develop a dislike towards it. This has a lot to do with the gender of the baby. The Polish study also mentioned that women who developed food aversions or felt nauseated after meals were more likely to give birth to boys. The reason being the mother’s body feels a need to protect the growing male embryo which is more vulnerable than the female embryo, according to the study. Here are top 10 pregnancy superfoods that every pregnant woman should eat.

#5 Choice of food: So you are craving for all things sweet and sugary? You are sure going to give birth to a baby girl. You ask why? Because girls are made up of all things sweet and nice. On the other hand, snacking on spicy foods indicate that your little man is on his way. Know why eat for two is not a good idea during pregnancy.

#6 Breast changes: Your breasts go through a lot of changes during pregnancy. If your breasts feel full, firmer and bigger than your normal size you are in for a girl and if your breasts haven’t gone through any dramatic changes you might be expecting a boy. Here are six changes that happen to your breasts during pregnancy.

#7 Face reading: How do you look during your pregnancy? Does your hair looks lifeless and you have a lot of acne? Well, this could mean that you have a baby girl within you who is taking some share of your beauty, or that is what the ancient wisdom says. On the other hand, if you are looking stunning, have healthy hair and nails you are about to give birth to a baby boy. However, some sections of the society believe in just the opposite of this logic.

Here are some home remedies for skin problems you might face during pregnancy.

#8 Wedding ring test: Do you know this test is a global phenomenon? In this test, the wedding ring of the mother is tied to a string and held over the belly. If it goes back and forth it’s a boy and if it moves in circles it is a girl. You can also try the pendulum method over wedding ring test. Take a needle and tie it to a thread. Hold it over the mothers belly making her lie flat on her back. If the needle moves in a clockwise direction it’s a girl else it’s a boy.

#9 Fetal heart rate: This still seems to be a little practical and scientific, however, there is no documentation or study to prove its claim. It is noted that if the fetal heart rate is less than 140 bmp it’s a boy and a number above that indicates a girl.

Note: Every pregnancy is different and so are the symptoms experienced by the mothers. Don’t be in a state of shock if you deliver a baby girl while experiencing symptoms that indicated otherwise. Remember, your baby is a blessing, no matter the gender.  


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