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Here’s why Boxing Training is good for you even if you’re not a fighter


Here's why Boxing Training is good for you even if you're not a fighter

Though boxing is a high-intensity workout, you don’t need to be super fit to take a class, and you don’t need prior boxing experience, either. You can customize the workout to your current fitness and ability levels.

The best part about boxing workouts is that you can go at your own pace; you can be a beginner, and you can have any body type. Even people with movement limitations can take part in boxing classes. Just speak with the instructor before class if you have any concerns or limitations.

Boxing is also a great way to sharpen your self-defense skills. Though most fitness boxing classes aren’t classified as “self-defense” classes — and won’t replace a traditional one — they will teach you basic boxing moves that you can build upon later.

Punching a heavy bag feels pretty empowering, too: Seventy-five percent of gym customers are female, and they love the fact that, if push comes to shove, they know how to throw a punch or a right-cross.

Plus, all those jabs and uppercuts — combined with bodyweight strength moves — can help you torch a serious number of calories (about 500 calories an hour for men and 400 for women), as well as improve your reaction time for greater performance in other sports.

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