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How to Avoid Alchohol Damages

Health Tips

Too much consumption of alchohol in a night can be damaging to the body. In order for you to stay safe, you will have to follow one or all of the precautions highlighted below:

  1. Get to grips with the low risk alcohol unit guidelines.Two pints of 4% strength beer puts a man over the lower risk unit guidelines. And three 20ml measures of 40% gin will put a woman close to the upper guideline limit.
  2. Set a spending limit. Allow yourself a set amount to spend on alcohol on an evening out so you don’t drink too much in a short space of time. Our MyDrinkaware can help you track how much you’re spending.
  3. Don’t drink before you leave home. ‘Pre-loading’ or drinking a lot at the start of the night often means cutting an evening short because you’re too tired – or ill – to stay out. If you are going to drink before going out, limit it to one pub standard measure.
  4. Eat up. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is never a good idea. If you know you are going to be drinking some alcohol, make sure you eat a substantial meal before to avoid any alcohol you do drink going straight to your head.
  5. Pace yourself. Make sure you drink at your own pace – you won’t win any prizes by keeping up with your mates, you’re more likely to lose out on a great night. Set the example by opting out of rounds and drinking water alongside any alcohol you do drink.
  6. Plan your journey home. You’re more likely to drink less if you know you’re getting the last bus or train, or have booked a taxi.
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