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How To Control Your Diet During Menstruation

Diet Tips

That time of the month always seems to come too soon. Ladies, we feel your mood swings, cramps, bloating and everything beyond that.


Here’s a list of tips that will help alleviate menstrual discomfort.


1. Don’t eat “cold” & raw food.

This includes cold drinks as well as raw fruits and vegetables. While fruits and veggies are essential, avoid these “cold” ones: apple, cantaloupe, celery, citrus fruits, cucumber, kiwi, strawberry, pear and watermelon.

These foods take extra energy to digest, which drains your body of energy and over time, blocks energy flow. Accumulated blocking of energy flow will make periods more painful.


2. Do consume ginger.

Remember those “cold” foods mentioned above? Well, ginger is a “warm” food that increases energy flow in the body and allows blood to flow freely, letting your period pass by smoothly and quickly.

Scientifically speaking, prostaglandin constricts blood vessels to stop bleeding, causing cramps. Ginger inhibits prostaglandin, which means you’ll have less painful cramps and swelling. It also promotes blood circulation, so your period will subside faster.


3. Don’t consume coffee.

While you may need that daily cup of joe (or two) to be functional, studies show that caffeine increases levels of anxiety. Your blood vessels contract when caffeine is present in your body, which worsens menstrual cramps. Also, for those with loose stool while on their periods, adding caffeine to your diet will make it difficult for your body to retain water and worsen diarrhea.

The time of the month has already got us at the edge of our sanity, so combining coffee and your period may not be the best idea.



4. Do eat greens.

Losing a lot of blood can cause iron deficiency, which can cause light-headedness or nausea. To counteract this problem, stock up on darker greens, like spinach, kale and broccoli to get your iron levels back up, but avoid eating them raw. For spinach, sautée with minced garlic and olive oil for a warm, flavorful bundle of nutrients!


5. Do eat liver.

This may sound gross, but liver contains a lot of iron. A 3-ounce serving of beef liver contains 5 milligrams of iron, 11 milligrams for chicken liver and 13.4 milligrams for pork liver. If you’re not a big fan of leafy greens, use this to replenish all the iron you’ve lost.

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