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Man gets sight back after bizarre tooth in eye procedure

Health Tips

A blind man who had his sight restored earlier this year in an incredible procedure using one of his own teeth said the best part was being able to see his wife again.

But with the help of an oral and maxillofacial specialist, Dr. Shannon Webber and oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Greg Moloney, Mr. Ings is now able to get around easily – and gaze at his wife Berry as much as he likes.


“I’m looking forward to [seeing Berry], to see if she still looks as beautiful as ever,” Mr. Ings told the program ahead of his surgery.

The surgery took place in four parts – and days after the final procedure his bandages were opened to test his vision.


Heartwarming footage filmed by 60 Minutes shows Mr. Ings look at his wife for the first time in a very long time.


Berry is seen leaning in as Mr. Ings puts his arm around her, and the pair is both heard sobbing with happiness.


After some time, Mrs. Ings leans back and asks her husband: “Well? What do you see?”


Mr. Ings answers with just one word: “Gorgeous.”



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