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Scientist Studies How Vitamin C Can Affect Cancer Cells

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One of the most exciting areas of medicine today involves the use of stem cell therapy.

Stem cells may be beneficial for degenerative joint disease and chronic neurologic disorders and repairing damaged organs. It has been discovered that tumors also contain stem cell-like cells. These cells are responsible for tumors developing resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well the metastasis of cancer.

Some medical research has shown that cancer stem cells can be suppressed. Interestingly, vitamin C strongly suppresses cancer stem cell activity both in the test tube and probably in humans.

Cancer stem cells are believed to be most involved in the development of chemotherapy and radiation therapy resistance. These cells are ultimately responsible for treatment failure and metastasis in patients with advanced disease.

A successful anticancer therapy would not only address the normal cancer cells, but also try to inhibit the activity of cancer stem cells. There are a few experimental medications that do seem to suppress cancer stem cell activity, however vitamin C as well as an extract of milk thistle, silibinin, may be able to suppress cancer stem cell activity.

The Krebs cycle is an important metabolic pathway for generating energy. Cancer stem cells seem to make more energy than normal cancer cells and so interrupting this important pathway significantly reduces cancer stem cell metabolic activity.

Several experimental drugs also affect the Krebs cycle in cancer stem cells, but these drugs can have significant side effects that would limit their use. In contrast, vitamin C and silibinin have very few side effects and in general are quite safe.

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