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Tips to Eliminate or Prevent Bad Odour

Beauty Tips

1. Take showers regularly.

As mentioned above, taking a shower can help to get rid of body odor quickly. Making sure to shower each day can help to keep you feeling cleaning and fresh while you do your daily activities.

When you shower:

*.Make sure to use an exfoliant a couple of times a week. This can help to wash away grime, dead skin, and bacteria, all of which can play a part in creating body odor. You can purchase exfoliants at your local pharmacy, or you can make your own natural exfoliants.

2. Keep your skin dry.

Bacteria like an environment with lots of moisture, food to eat, warmth, and the proper levels of pH and sodium concentration, all of which can be found in folds of moist skin. Because of this, it is important to dry off your skin whenever it becomes moist, whether the moisture is from taking a shower or sweating.

*.Use a towel or oil blotting papers to wipe off sweat and other moisture.
*.After a shower, consider applying powder to areas like your armpit in order to combat moisture.

3. Shave your underarms regularly.

This can apply to both men and women, though women more commonly shave their armpits. Getting rid of the hair in your armpits can help to reduce the amount of body odor you have because hair absorbs odors easily; if you have less hair, there will be less chance that the body odor is absorbed.

4. Wear breathable fabrics.

There are certain synthetic materials that don’t breathe very well unless they’ve been specifically designed for that purpose (like polyester blends).
If you’re really worried about body odor wear fabrics like cotton, wool, or silk as they soak up moisture and have better breathe-ability, which means you will most likely sweat less and create less body odor.
*.You can also wear a cotton or silk undershirt under your clothing to soak up your sweat and body moisture so that your body odor does not soak into your outer layers of clothing.

5. Wash your clothes regularly.

As mentioned above, body odor can seep into your clothing. If you sweat heavily in a shirt and allow the shirt to dry without washing it, there is a very good chance that that shirt will smell bad the next day.
Try to wash your clothes every time you sweat in them to keep them, and yourself, smelling fresh.

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