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My Top 7 (seven) Workout Tips – Obaji Otareh


1. Be realistic and honest about your rest periods. Tell yourself how long each rest period is supposed to be and try to stick to it.2. Do supersets. This consists of two or more exercises done in a row without a break.3. Get serious about your diet. The stricter you are with your diet the less cardio you’d need to do. Trust me.4. Keep yourself hydrated all through your routines. I don’t mean drowning yourself in fluids but just enough to keep your water levels reasonable.5. Set weekly goals.5. Get energized. Whether it is food or drink, or a supplement, a pre workout drink, it’d help you feel energized throughout your session.6. Again I’ve got to reiterate – Rest. Allow time for recovery, at least 48 hours for a muscle group that was trained.

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