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These Veggies are the best for your #FitFam Smoothies


These Veggies are the best for your #FitFam Smoothies

The bulk of your smoothie should be veggies!!! Not fruit, not milk, etc. The goal of these smoothies is to help you get in more veggies than you likely would and in a manner that is easy to absorb by the body. Unless otherwise noted all veggies are RAW.

  • Baby spinach is the ideal starter green for most people. It has a more mild flavor and 1-2 cups can easily go unnoticed.
  • Kale and swiss chard have a more definitive flavor, but again mixed with the right fruit you’ll soon be drinking it like nobody’s business. For those just starting out use spinach in week one and then try adding a leaf or two of kale the following week…a little more the week after.
  • The goal is to switch up your greens occasionally to keep getting a variety of nutrients (try bok choy, dandelion greens, nearly anything).
  • Beets: I’ve found buying frozen beets or pre-peeled and cooked beets then freezing them is the best method to get in this great blood builder
  • Carrots: Use shredded in a smaller blender, this sweet veggie will balance out some other flavors and improve your eye sight
  • Cucumber/Celery: High water content helps it blend in well and it’s great for debloating
  • Broccoli: Use small pieces in a small blender to get the calcium, Vitamin K and C benefits of this gut cleaner
  • Bell Pepper: Toss in the white part of bell peppers to benefit from their high nutrition sans flavor
  • Zucchini: It works in breads and muffins, why not your smoothie! Folate, vitamins and great for heart health

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