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Wheat Germ Oil is Good for Treating Pimples – See Applications

Beauty Tips

According to recent studies, only two tablespoon of wheat germ can provide you 15% of your recommended daily vitamin E intake as well as 10% of your recommended daily folate. It is the great idea to incorporate wheat germ into your breakfast. You just need to sprinkle it over your cereal, mix it with breakfast smoothie or stir it in yogurt.

Moreover, if you have wheat germ oil available, you can add it in your healthy food. However, it is not recommended use wheat germ oil as frying oil. The possible reason may be that it can lose its nutrients if heated. Instead, you can substitute wheat germ oil for olive oil in pasta sauces or salad dressings. Using wheat germ oil in your diet will add more vitamins A, D and E and more protein which are crucial vitamins and nutrients for your skin.

2. Add In Cleansing Routine

Oil cleansing method is suitable for all kinds of skin. People with combination, dry, and oily skin issues can use oil cleansing method. Using natural plant oils to cleanse face or remove makeup is based on the theory of “oil dissolves oil”. Therefore, wheat germ oil and other oils like olive oil, castor oil, sunflower oils and so on will be effective in getting rid of sebum as well as unwanted oils existing in our skin that can lead to skin problems such as acnes, pimples. Using wheat germ oil in cleansing routine does not clog your pores as many people are afraid of. This is because wheat germ oil, as well as other natural oils, is non-comedogenic.

When you buy wheat germ oil, it is important to make sure that you purchase 100% natural or organic wheat germ oil. Make sure that they are cold pressed. The labels will show that whether the oil is still packed with nutrients. If the wheat germ oil is not cold pressed, it means that it lost many nutrients due to process of extracting. Using wheat germ oil which is not cold pressed does not give your skin maximum benefits. Therefore, you need to read the label on each product carefully before purchasing.

Thanks to benefits of wheat germ oil for skin, you can add it into your cleansing routine. This simple way is adding one tablespoon of this oil to your facial cleanser or makeup remover. The vitamin E in wheat germ oil will hydrate your skin and make it look soft.

Alternatively, you can use wheat germ oil in double-cleansing method. It means that you use wheat germ oil to remove sebum, excess oil first and then use the normal gentle cleansing product to rinse off wheat germ oil.

Specifically, rub sufficient amount of wheat germ oil in your hand to let it warm. Warm temperature will make the nutrients of wheat germ oil can be absorbed deep easily into your skin. Apply it on your face and massage it with your fingertips gently for about 3 – 5 minutes. If you have makeup on your face, cleansing with wheat germ oil will help you to get rid of dirt, sebum, and makeup at the same time. Even if your makeup is waterproof, wheat germ oil can remove it well. When you massage your skin, it is a great idea to close your eyes, relax and breathe in the sweet pleasant smell of wheat germ oil. This tip will kill the waiting time and make your mind calm. After 3 – 5 minutes, you place a washcloth in running hot water.  Wring it out to remove the excess water and place it on your face. This tip aims to steam your face, open your pores in order to get rid of dirt, sebum and oil stuck in your pores. It is recommended doing this step three times. After that, you can feel the pores are getting unclogged. Next, use the washcloth to wipe away the excess oil from your face. You can use oil cleansing only. However, if you worry about a little oil is still left on your skin, you can use a normal gentle cleansing product afterward.

You can use oil cleansing method if you have combination or dry skin twice or three times a week. However, if your skin type is oily or normal, oil cleansing method should be repeated daily for the best result.

3. Eye Makeup Remover

Eye areas are sensitive and vulnerable to damage and irritation. Therefore, it seems difficult to find the best makeup removal product which is designed especially for sensitive eye areas. Some chemical-based eye makeup remover contains questionable or harsh ingredients which can cause irritation, redness and further damage to your eye areas. However, natural oils such as wheat germ oil are the best solution for you. With wheat germ oil, you do not need to buy expensive products. Wheat germ oil is safe, natural, available ingredient in your kitchen.

Grab a bottle of wheat germ oil. Make sure that you buy this oil from well-known stores which can supply the high quality product. Other oils which are recommended using as eye makeup remover include coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and sesame oil. Wash your face with warm water first. Run a soft clean washcloth or towel in running warm water and then wring it out to get rid of excess water. Make sure that it is damp. After that, place a dime-sized portion of wheat germ oil on the eye areas which you need to remove the makeup. Rub it thoroughly onto the eyelid. When doing this step, it is important to make sure that you do not use too much pressure. Rub it gently in order not to cause damage to your eyes. Be careful because getting oil or makeup into your eyes will lead to irritation. Wheat germ oil will break down the eyeliner and eyeshadows formulation; hence, making it easier to remove. Next, use the damp washcloth (you can substitute it with disposable napkin or tissue) to wipe off the left wheat germ oil and makeup residue. Wash your eyelids with warm water. Do not let anything get into your eyes. All makeup residues and wheat germ oil will be rinsed off easily and completely.

This is done. However, if you have time, it is great to follow this procedure by rinsing your face with a mild, makeup-removing facial cleansing, such as CamaieuPerfumas’ Waterless Milk Cleanser or First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. Using wheat germ oil to remove eye makeup will give you the best deep clean.

4. Add In Moisturizing Body Cream

Besides cleansing benefits, you can also benefit wheat germ oil for skin by adding it to your moisturizing cream. It is recommended mixing half of bottle of organic wheat germ oil with half the contents of the moisturizing body cream. Doing this, you will have a wonderful moisturizing body cream which can help you to treat dry body skin and make your body skin look healthy, shiny and smooth thanks to vitamin B inn wheat germ oil.

5. Benefit For Your Feet

Not only does wheat germ oil hydrate body skin but it also treats dry feet naturally and effectively. Therefore, as one of the benefits of wheat germ oil for skin, it can help to make the feet hydrated. Utilizing wheat germ oil for your feet will soften your skin. You just need to apply sufficient amount of wheat germ oil on the dry feet before bedtime. And then, you should put on some socks to preventing dirt on your bed curtain and blankets. Moreover, putting socks also help to hydrate your rough skin on feet to a great extent. For the best result, this treatment should be repeated daily for a couple of weeks. Moreover, you can use wheat germ oil to moisturizer your dry elbows, knees as well as your hands.

6. Moisturizer For Your Face

If you have dry skin your face, you can use wheat germ oil for skin as a wonderful moisturizer. You just need to use a cotton swab to apply this oil on your skin face after cleansing your face at night. It is recommended leaving it on your face when you sleep in order to let your skin absorb all the nutrients of wheat germ oil.

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